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P105 Single Stick Steam Engine/Waterjet Reverser

Fully proportional throttle and selectable full forward or reverse servo for reversing valve or waterjet bucket from one stick! You don’t need another channel to engage reverse. Can also be used with brushed or brushless ESCs or I/C throttle servo. Simple set-up via button and LEDs.


Connect P96 between the receiver and a servo and you can adjust the travel up to around 160° and the end-to-end speed down to 30 seconds. In Switch mode you can run the servo from one end to the other just using a simple manual or RC switch. Couple two or more in series and you have the perfect driver for cranes, gun turrets, cargo doors and hatches, boat davits – in fact its applications stretch nearly as far as your imagination!


Connects to the Throttle and Steering outputs from the Rx and automatically slows down the motor on the inside of a turn when a rudder command is given. P82 feeds the power for the motors directly through to the ESCs from the receiver connections i.e. the whole model requires only one battery pack to power everything. Suits P68A and P52 ESCs. It has an ABS case – 34mm x 24.5mm x 16mm, with onboard plug-in connectors for two outer motors and the steering servo.


Connects to the Throttle and Steering outputs from the Rx and automatically slows down the motor on the inside of a turn when a rudder command is given. Four user-selectable degrees of mix to suit models from fast launches to very manouverable workboats. Works with both brushed and brushless speed controllers. ABS case 45.5mm x 32mm x 20mm with onboard connectors for the two outer speed controllers/motors, one centre speed controller/motor (if used) and the steering servo, thus eliminating the need to purchase extra ‘Y’ leads. A very comprehensive installation and set-up instruction leaflet is included.


Two 20A electronic speed controllers and a multi-function mixer in one case! 6v to 24v operation. Can operate twin Bow and Stern thrusters (traverse or spin mode selected with rudder stick) OR as a conventional 50% or 100% twin main-motor mixer, with fully adjustable degree of mixing OR as two independent ESCs e.g. for ‘tank steering’. Modes selectable via on-board switches. Cased size 73mm x 50mm x 28mm plus heatsinks. Battery cables already fitted; screw connection for motors. 10A “Lite” version also available THIS PRODUCT IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH FUTABA 6J OR SKYSPORT 2.4GHZ RADIO SETS. The older Futaba 6EX 2.4GHz and 40MHz Skysport radios are fine, however.


A truly multi-function module, this unit will do ANY of the following jobs: Conventional Electronic Speed Controller 6v to 24v; Maximum current 10A can be increased to 20A with upgraded heat-sinks. Three different peak-power settings. Thruster Drives any application where a motor is required to run in each direction from one transmitter channel. Output voltage is selectable to suit standard commercial bow thruster from either 6v, 7.2v, 12v or 24v battery. Switcher 10A twin-switch with selectable latching or momentary operation on either output. A special Limit Switch Module (P93M) is available. Mode selection is via on-board 4-way DIL switch. Case size 74 x 50 x 28mm. Screwdriver connections.